PZG is an emerging growth company in the business of acquiring, exploring and developing precious metals projects in the United States of America. We have designed our Company to provide our shareholders with industry-leading exposure to high quality, advanced stage U.S. gold assets. That’s our primary objective and it has attracted some of the gold industry’s best-known and most successful investors.

We pursue the following five strategies:

U.S. Gold Assets Only: We only invest in gold or gold-silver assets in the U.S. PZG is therefore the perfect gold hedge for your portfolio.

Minimizing Risks and Expenses: Junior gold mines are inherently risky but PZG carefully avoids the highest risk parts of the business. We do not do grass-roots exploration, which almost always fails to find something of value. We acquire known, mid to advanced-stage deposits that we believe can be expanded by targeted, cost-effective exploration or by unlocking a hidden value contained in the exploration data and not yet realized in the project.

PZG does not take on projects with significant technical risks such as permitting in environmentally sensitive areas and projects with known metallurgical issues.

PZG believes the key evaluation factors when reviewing potential projects to acquire includes:

  • In close proximity to Infrastructure;
  • proximity to other operating mines;
  • upside exploration potential to increase mineral inventory;
  • high grades to minimize projected operational cost per ounce, or potential for high grades discoveries through exploration;
  • good potential economic outcome in low metal price environments;
  • good metallurgical recoveries to have a simple and proven process for gold and silver extraction.

PZG has a very small head office and very few permanent employees. We hire what we need when we need it, which keeps overhead costs down.

Adding Value: We own projects where our expertise can add measurable value. For example, at our Grassy Mountain Gold Project, we are moving resources to reserves, working to get permits and drilling to add to our gold mineralized material inventory. We believe that these steps are likely to increase the market value of our asset.

Realizing Value: We believe that our strategies will generate superior share price appreciation in a rising gold market. In addition, PZG’s experienced management team realizes shareholder value by: selling its assets to established producers, or; entering into joint ventures with established producers for construction and operation, or; constructing and operating mines for its own account which ever makes the most economical sense for our shareholders at the right time.